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Mishkat offers comprehensive planning, product, packaging and exporting services. Our in-house affiliates supplement our capabilities with a variety of highly specialized complementary services. Together, our services include:


Mishkat following Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue ocean strategy is one of the most powerful innovation approaches.
This strategy assert that moves create a leap in value for the company, its buyers, and its employees while unlocking new demand and making the competition irrelevant. with organization's ability to systematically create and capture "blue oceans" unexplored new market areas.
  • Aims to Produce Pure Organic Olive Oil with a distinctive flavor and High quality.
  • Research and Development of All That is Unique to Submitting it to Our Customers and Build Longterm.

Relationships With Our Customers and Provide Exceptional Service by Continuing to Work Through Innovation and Advanced Technology and we Grow Through Innovation and invention.

  • Benchmarking
  • Laboratory Planning


  • Team Work
  • Land Use Approval Management
  • Contracts Management, Budgeting and Scheduling


We depend on our relationship with our customers and respect as well as the integration of honesty and business ethics in all aspects of our business performance.


Regional expansion in the cultivation and development of olive trees, establishing a strong base of key customers, increasing the assets and investments of the company to support and develop the services, building a good reputation in the field of olive and olive oil in order to become a major player in this agriculture.

Mishkat For olive and olive oil packaging

Olive Growth cycle

Floral Induction
  • Floral Induction
  • Flowering
  • Nouaison